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- Nach Referendum in den Niederlanden: Ratifikationsprozesse immer mit nationalen Volksabstimmungen oder EU-Volksabstimmungen- Die Aussage der Fraktionschefin der Grünen im Europaparlament Rebecca Harms nach dem Nein der Niederländer zum Ukraine-Abkommen, EU-Volksabstimmungen...
Campaigner pro the EU-Ukraine Agreement
On 6 April 2016, the first national citizen-initiated referendum in the Netherlands was held. With a turnout of 32.2 percent, 61.1 percent of the Dutch voted against ratifying the Association Treaty that the EU wants to conclude with Ukraine. The referendum was made possible...
On 6 April 2016, the Netherlands’ 12 million eligible citizens will decide in a national referendum on whether to correct the Dutch Parliament’s decision to approve the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. Following its entry into force on 1 July 2015, this form of citizen-...
Screenshot of the platform where people can sign the petition
On Friday, 9 October 2015, the Dutch democracy organisation Meer Democratie together with foodwatch Netherlands, Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth) and the Transnational Institute kicked-off a campaign for a referendum on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (...
The campaign poster by Meer Democratie
The Dutch democracy group Meer Democratie has launched a citizens' initiative that aims at opening appointments for public posts to everybody - regardless of whether the person is a party member or not. 40,000 signatures are required in order to submit the citzens' initiative to...
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De Nederlandse partnerorganisatie Meer Democratie heeft een nieuwe website. Op vind je nieuws en campagnes voor meer (directe) democratie.
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Democracy International's Dutch partner organisation Meer Democratie has a new website. At you find all news and campaigns for better rules of (direct) democracy in the Netherlands.
On Tuesday, 15 April the Dutch Senate approved the Consultative Referendum Law. From the end of 2014 onwards, 300,000 Dutch citizens can trigger national non-binding referendums on laws and treaties (including EU treaties and international trade agreements like TTIP) after these...
The Binnenhof, seat of the Dutch Senate and Parliament (Photo: Wikipedia)
The introduction of the referendum at national level is not only a hot topic in Germany these days, strongly being campaigned for by democracy activists. The Netherlands, Germany’s neighbouring country in the North West, is awaiting huge democracy reforms also. In the upcoming...
On Thursday, 14 February 2013, the lower house of the Dutch parliament adopted legislation to introduce a non-binding facultative referendum. With this instrument of direct democracy, 300,000 citizens can trigger a national referendum on a law or treaty passed by the national...



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