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Глобална коалиция за демокрация

Situation in the Czech Republic

Situation in the Czech Republic


Governing parties (social democrats, Christian democrats and liberals) have a different view on situation after "no" in France and the Netherlands.


Social democrats and liberals want to continue with pro-constitution campaign, but Christian democrats wants to stop it and wait for the results of EU summit. But of course, all three parties from our government said "yes" to EU Constitution and government still want a referendum on this question.

One of the small party, strong pro-European party European democrats (ED) wants to continue with the campaign on the question of EU Constitution and European union common. The member of European parliament - Jana Hybaskova (ED) - believes, that EU Constitution will help EU to be more effective.

Situation in opposition camp is very different. The main opposition party - Civic democratic party (ODS) say hard "no" to EU Constitution and after two "no" to this document, leader of ODS Topolanek said, that EU Constitution is dead now and there no reason to continue with referendum and campaign. But some members of EU Parliament from ODS said, that the referendum should be hold, but they said, that they will vote "no". Other opposition party - Communist party of Czech and Moravia (KSCM) are against EU Constitution from the very first beginning, because "this document is ultraliberal".

 Martin Habán



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