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Mehdi Ben Mimoun is Professor at the Institut National Agronomique de Tunisie (INAT), University of Carthage in Tunisia since 1999. He is the...
Daniela Bozhinova
Daniela Bozhinova lives in Burgas, Bulgaria. She is the chairperson of the Bulgarian Association for the Promotion of Citizens Initiatives.  
Bruno Kaufmann
Bruno Kaufmann lives in Falun, Sweden, where he serves as Chairman of the Democracy Council and Election Commission. Bruno Kaufmann lives with his...
Prof. Jung-OK Lee
Jung-Ok Lee is Professor of Sociology at the Catholic University of Daegu and a leading person of Asian-wide democracy networks.
Joe Mathews
Joe Mathews is an editor for Zócalo Public Square, a Los Angeles-based think tank that combines daily humanities journalism and live events. Joe...
Interview with Erwin Mayer, Board Member of Democracy International
Erwin Mayer lives close to Vienna in Austria. He is the spokesperson of our partner organisation “mehr demokratie!” Austria...
Suresh Nautiyal lives in New Dehli, India. He is a senior journalist, campaigner and human rights activist.
Arjen Nijeboer
Arjen Nijeboer is the Campaign Manager of Meer Democratie in the Netherlands. He lives near Amsterdam.
Daniel Schily
Daniel Schily is one of the co-founders of Democracy International. His activism for direct democracy dates back more than 25 years.
M. Dane Waters is the CEO of Tipping Point Strategies, a communications and advocacy firm based in Washington, DC. He is founder of the Initiative...


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