Today we are calling on you and everybody across Europe to join our campaign for the survival of the European Citizens' Initiative. Sign our petition to show that we, the people of Europe, want to have our voices heard. Please help us to save the European Citizens' Initiative to have real influence on EU policy-making.

Thank you! With your signature we will put pressure on Brussels' politicians to reform the European Citizens' Initiative.

Best regards,
Cora Pfafferott and the team of Democracy International

P.S: We cordially thank everybody who made a donation to make this campaign possible.


Source: Wikpedia, creative commons

Thomas Piketty

Economist; Author of the best-selling book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century".

"The EU is a dysfunctional power machine and its democratic foundations are in crisis. It is imperative that we foster collective deliberation - including the citizens - on the future of Europe, if we are to restore trust and build a new democratic architecture for Europe. I support Democracy International’s call to reform the European Citizens’ Initiative. The ECI must become a serious initiative right for Europe’s citizens."

Source: Wikipediam, Creative Commons

Gesine Schwan

President of the European University Viadrina, Germany

"The EU is in a deep crisis, which we can only overcome if we build a strong, thriving civil society in Europe. The European Citizens’ Initiative could help us move from a Europe run by technocrats and executives to a Europe of the people, in which Europe’s citizens can set the agenda. I therefore support the petition of Democracy International: “Save the ECI”."

Democracy International