Dear Friend,

These days in Greece and Europe, history is being written. Politicians are gambling over the future of Greece and Europe in a state of helplessness. Following the developments over the past few weeks, I am concerned: what will happen to our continent next if European politicians continue making decisions on an ad-hoc-basis without listening to the citizens?

My colleagues at Democracy International and myself are convinced: We need a democratic debate and real people power in Europe. We need a democratic re-start now!

In this view we are investing all our efforts. We are campaigning for a stronger European Citizens' Initiative. We are calling for a European Convention to bring together politicians, civil society and citizens alike to discuss the future of Europe. A pan-European referendum will be the final stage of this democratic process. Please support our work to make people's voices louder. In 50 years we don’t want to be telling our grandchildren that we sold off cheap our democracy.

Best regards,
Cora Pfafferott

Greek drama shows need for democratic revolution
The popular vote in Greece on the bailout terms on 5 July 2015 demonstrated the incompatibility between national democracies and international economic governance regimes. A reason for Democracy International to demand proper forms of modern direct democracy in both Greece and Europe - and  to make the EU fully democratic. A comment by Democracy International.
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