My colleagues Joe, Bruno and Andreas have just started making preparations for the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy to take place in San Sebastián, Spain, from 16 - 19 November 2016. We cordially invite you to participate!

The event is unique in its nature. Democracy activists from all over the world will get together in the Basque city to share their experiences of campaigning for more participatory democracy at the local level. Then we will discuss how this local activism can help overcoming today's global challenges like migration or social justice. 

We haven chosen the Basque city - European Capital of Culture this year - as it is a place full of urban community living. Moreover, San Sebastián is beautifully located on the Coast of the Bay of Biscay and just 20 kilometres away from France. So San Sebastián will be a great place to discover European culture also. Join us! Please pre-register by 31 May. 

Best regards,
Cora Pfafferott

P.S.: I cordially thank everybody for the positive feedback that I received for the paper "The rule of law - when is it threatened?". Democracy International is financed by donations. Please support our work so that we can provide independent analyisis also in the future.

Next Global Forum on Modern Direct Democray
The world's biggest event on modern direct democracy will take place in San Sebastián, Spain, from 16 - 19 November 2016. The theme is "from global participation to global co-existence". Democracy International is one of the key organisers. We offer 180 places. Please pre-register by 31 May 2016 here. The link below informs about the programme in detail.
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