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Daniel Schily, Co-founder

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Daniel Schily

Daniel Schily, Co-founder

As one of the co-founders of Democracy International e.V (Germany), Daniel Schily has dedicated his life to realizing more direct democracy and citizens' participation.


- Board Member of Democracy International

- Lecturing and campaigning

- Fundraiser


schily [at]
Tel: +49 221 669 665 32

Daniel on democracy:

"We need more direct democracy not only in states, part of states and in municipalities but on the transnational level for example in Europe. If we do not decide to got this way, we will lose what we have already achieved. In full consequence, democracy would vanish from the planet."

Daniel Schily was born 1967 in Tübingen. He is married and has four children, one boy and three girls. He has studied philosophy and mathematics.


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