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Sign Up - Global Community Platform

Sign Up - Global Community Platform


All over the world, countless people are passionately and tirelessly working to make sure that citizens have a real say in the politics that govern them. To highlight and empower this growing network, Democracy International is launching an interactive online platform, gathering and connecting people and organisations working on modern direct democracy worldwide.



YOU are the direct democracy community. Help name the platform, tell us what is happening in your region and invite others to join the network! 

​The new online platform will allow anyone active on issues of modern direct democracy to create a profile to showcase their work, to promote upcoming events and to get in touch with experts and others working on the same topics. The platform will also host a news section with the latest stories on citizen participation, examples of best practices and background analyses to inspire and nurture initiatives everywhere.

The platform will be launched in the fall of 2018, but it is already possible to sign up, so that you will be notified when the platform goes online. 



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