Upcoming events from our community

  • European HomeParliaments:
    26 May, 18-20:00 CEST, online. More information
  • European Citizens Bank:
    ongoing, online. More information
  • Democracies in Distress Webinar: Protesting in times of Covid-19:
    27 May, 16-17:30 CEST, online. More information
  • European Public Sphere - Ukrainian vibes:
    8 - 29 June, 16-18:00 CEST, online. More information
  • Democracy International turns ten:
    3 July, 18-20h00 CEST, online. More information 

Missed it?

  • Citizens Assembly "Germany's Role in the World": Examined and found to be good?  Re-watch
  • Does America really want to be a nation of immigrants? Re-watch

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