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    We want to realise more direct democracy. We have enough of decisions taken by a small circle of politicians behind closed doors.

    We believe in the power of direct democracy to better our lives and the societies in which we live. Join our network if you feel the same. Together we can bring about change.

  • 2018 Annual Report

    Supporting democracy activists from all over the world, organizing knowledge-sharing events and campaigning across countries...

    ... these are Democracy International's core activities. Our aim is to strengthen direct democracy at all political levels in the nation states, in the EU and on the global level.

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    Democracy means that power rests with the people and not with kings, aristocrats, or technocrats. This is the core principle of democracy. Yet unfortunately, real democracy too often is not realised.

    One of our core aims is a better and more democratic European Union. We advocate the improvement of the European Citizens' Initiative so that citizens can truly participate in EU politics.



The #EPForgetUsNot action in front of the European Parliament
After two long years of us reporting about the European Citizens’ Initiative’s (ECI) reform, we are happy to finally announce that the new regulation of the ECI has been approved! For the first time ever, the ECI will see concrete structural improvements and become a more user-friendly tool of participatory and direct democracy in Europe.
The European Public Sphere

A truly democratic Europe can only be built through open and inclusive debate with its citizens. The European Public Sphere, a joint project by Democracy International and IG Eurovision, creates a space for these debates.

The "European Public Sphere" project wants to create a public space for open debates on the future of Europe. With its geodesic dome, the initiative travels through Europe and invites people to share their thoughts and ideas! The goal is to gather the building blocks for the social architecture of Europe, through discussions open-to-all.

A democratic Europe now!

We significantly need some change in order Europe to be more democratic!

Within the current framework (article 48 of the Lisbon Treaty), the only possibility to change the way the EU functions is throughout a new Convention. Article 48 is vague in detailing the Convention process, but Democracy International supports a process that is democratic, transparent and inclusive of citizens and civil society actors.


The Website of the Direct Democracy Navigator

... by accessing the Direct Democracy Navigator, an online tool that currently features 1227 instruments of direct democracy, available in more than 100 countries in the world.

The website is a product of research carried out by Dr. Klaus Hofmann, Democracy International, the German University of Wuppertal and committed democracy experts from Europe.

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