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  • Advising activists, campaigning across countries, sharing knowledge and organizing events....

    ... these are Democracy International's core activities. We work together to strengthen direct democracy at all political levels in the nation states, in Europe and in the world.


  • We are people who have enough of decisions taken by a small circle of politicians behind closed doors.

    We believe in the power of direct democracy to better our lives and the societies we live in. Join our network if you feel the same. Join us and together we will bring about change. 

  • People must make political decisions, not kings, not aristocrats, not technocrats.

    This is the core principle of democracy, we, the members of Democracy International, firmly believe in.


Today, April 15th, the Dutch Senate approved the Consultative Referendum Law. From the end of 2014 onwards, 300,000 Dutch citizens can trigger national non-binding referendums on laws and treaties (including EU treaties and international trade agreements like TTIP) after these pieces of legislation have been approved by the parliament.

On noon, 1st April 2014, the Danube Democracy Rally began in Vienna. Democracy activists from all over the world will be travelling through Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest from 1 - 9 April. The aim of the journey along the Danube is to engage in an exciting mix of discussions, political sightseeing and excursions.



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