Upcoming events from our community

  • Ukrainian Vibes - European Public Sphere 2.0:
    21 September, online. More information
  • Will a New Generation of Leaders Shake Up L.A.’s Culture?
    29 September, online. More information
  • 2022 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy:
    21-25 September 2022, Luzern. More information

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First-ever online collection of signatures sets Italy up for referendum on euthanasia
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Mexico’s first national plebiscite: the wilting or blooming of direct democracy in Latin America?
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We are on tour again: Ukrainian Vibes - European Public Sphere 2.0
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By the people, for the people, and the bees
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Islam and Islamophobia, and how democracies have responded

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Support for same-sex marriage wanes but remains solid
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