Upcoming events and projects from our community

  • Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy:
    1-4 March, Mexico City, Mexico. Sign up
  • Bureaucracy Under Populist Rule? - Rubina Zern-Breuer, Michael Bauer & Joe Mathews in a Fishbowl Discussion.:
    7 December 2022, Thomas Mann House, Los Angeles. For more information click here 


US Midterms: Abortion and direct democracy on the ballot
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The f(YOUTH)ure of the European Citizens’ Initiative
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Podcast: Rules of the Game  

EPISODE 31: Let the People Rule with John Matsusaka HERE

Image A journey of a million steps
A journey of a million steps
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Goodbye Ukrainian Vibes and see you next year!
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Can democracies resist rigged election theories?
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How to make your voice heard on money issues
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