My colleague Elisa Bruno who spearheads the ECI support centre in Brussels recently had a ground-breaking idea: to develop an app that would make it possible to sign a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) via a smartphone. Given that 150 million people already use smartphones in the five big EU countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) combined, this innovation promises to significantly boost the number of people signing an ECI. We need more successful ECIs. So far only three out of 22 ECIs  managed to cross the one-million-threshold since their launch on 1 April 2012.

A Greek software expert kindly agreed to develop the app in question pro bono. However, this version only runs on Android software so millions of iPhone users are sadly out of the loop. A similar app for the software iOS costs 2353 Euros to develop.

We are helping Elisa Bruno to raise the required funds. Please support us with a donation so that we can equip the European Citizens’ Initiative with this high-tech democratic device of an app for iOS smartphones. Right now, many more ECIs are in the pipeline, most notably the ECI on repealing the European Commission’s mandate for TTIP. Your donation will contribute towards the success of the European Citizens’ Initiative. To donate please click here.

All the best,
Cora Pfafferott

Towards an ECI smartphone app
Scrolling your smartphone on the train or at the bus stop, reading about a newly launched European Citizens’ Initiative on Facebook and signing it immediately – this is made possible thanks to the new “ECI app”, designed for use on Android smartphones. Please help Elisa Bruno, in charge of the ECI support centre in Brussels, to expand this crucial service to people using an iPhone. Every single signature counts to keep Brussels’ powerful politicians in control.
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