Are you already busy preparing for Christmas and getting last things done before this year ends? Frankly, I am, yet nevertheless I wish to notify you about our next upcoming event: The Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy will take place in Tunis, Tunisia from 14-17 May 2015.

We very much hope you will join us to discuss latest trends and findings regarding Active Citizenship and Participative Democracy with people from all over the world. Given the location, Tunis, our special focus will lie on democracy in Tunisia, the country where the “Arabellion” started four years ago. Come and meet with us the courageous Tunisian people who successfully fought for their democratic rights and citizen participation.

Book your accommodation now: We guarantee reasonable prices for a hotel room if you book by 14 December 2014. Here you find all information about the event and on how to make the early-bird-reservation. Act quickly – the early bird catches the worm ;-)

Wishing you a good Christmas time,

All the best,
Cora Pfafferott

USA: A Super Size Democracy?
It's not just a cliché: In the United States everything is huge: The width of the streets, the portions of food and the vastness of the landscape. After travelling Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana from 3 to 9 November on the occasion of US Election Day 2014, we need to add a fourth point:  Democracy at local and state level. This is the lesson we learn from Democracy International's study tour.
Hong Kong: Democratic Protests escalate
On 25 and 26 November 2014, the police in Hong Kong arrested more than 140 democratic activists, who were protesting for universal suffrage...
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