One day after the terrorist attacks in Paris I attended the general assembly of Mehr Demokratie, German partner organisation of Democracy International, in Düsseldorf. There I received a text message by a very good friend of mine from France: She told me that her family and friends in Paris were safe. I was relieved to receive this piece of news – and shocked at the same time, still trying to grasp what had happened in the French capital the previous evening.

These days I am deeply worried. The events in Paris, the lacking solidarity of some EU states to take in refugees and asylum seekers' misery on their long route through Europe, the decline of judicial control in some European countries like for example Hungary, and moreover, the developments concerning Syria on a global scale. In view of all these burning issues in the world – is it appropriate to think right now about the democratic future of the EU as my colleagues and I did in Düsseldorf last Saturday?

Meanwhile, I have overcome the state of shock I was in last weekend. I have realised that there is only one possibility: To carry on with the work that we started, to advocate democracy, human rights and justice the best we can. In this sense I wish to inform you about our work for more democracy in Europe and a stronger EU Citizens’ Initiative, you can read about below.

Best regards,
Cora Pfafferott

Campaign for a stronger EU Citizens' Initiative continues!
Do you belong to the many people who have recognised that we need to make democracy work in the EU? We definitely belong to this group, and we are happy to celebrate a major victory with you: The EU Parliament voted in favour of our proposals for a powerful European Citizens' Initiative on 28 October 2015. We cordially thank everybody for supporting our work so far. Now our campaign continues. We need to convince the EU Commission that it must accept what we have achieved so far.  We are always happy to have your support for our work.
"This ECI is to end deplorable working conditions"
Interview with General Secretary Eduardo Chagas on the newly launched EU Citizens' Initiative "Fair Transport Europe".
Chaos of ballot processing after referendum in Bulgaria
On 25 October 2015, Bulgaria held a plebiscite on e-voting. Our board member Daniela Bozhinova from Bulgaria reports.
"A global perspective to solve the refugee crisis!"
Daniel Schily, executive manager of Democracy International, welcomed the audience of the event "What can the world learn from Europe's refugee crisis?" with the following words.
Dutch referendum campaign on TTIP & CETA
On 9 October 2015 our Dutch partner Meer Democratie kicked-off a campaign for a referendum on TTIP and CETA in  broad alliance with civil society groups.
Make it happen: Democracy Camp in Austria in 2016
Our partner organisation mehr demokratie! Austria is currently raising funds to realise a summer camp in Austria in 2016.
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