Do you know how democracy and the rule of law relate to each other?

I was asking myself this question when listening to politicians and media commentators at the beginning of this year. They maintained that in view of developments in European states, such as Poland, Hungary or Switzerland, the rule of law was threatened and that they were undermining democracy.

To find the answer I approached my colleague Dr. Klaus Hofmann. We thoroughly discussed the interdependence of democracy and the rule of law. The outcome of our deliberations is the background paper “The Rule of Law - When is it Threatened?” which you find online here; also it is attached to this e-mail.

I hope you find some time to read our document. In the end, democracy and rule of law are not abstract terms but they concern the rights of every individual citizen. When we know what these terms mean, then we can stand up to safeguard our democracies and also, we can critically assess the arguments that politicians and media commentators make.

All the best,
Cora Pfafferott

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