While being in London during the past 48 hours, I produced with a great team this video clip for you. Given the fact that more than 40 million people go to the polls in the UK today to decide on EU membership, the film is on this topic. But I won't tell you more.

Please watch this video and play it loud!

In a few hours time we will know the official result of the vote. What a thriller. Regardless of how the British people decide in the referendum, one thing is sure: we need more and better democracy in the EU. Join Democracy International and stand up for a democratic Europe now!

Best regards from London,
Cora Pfafferott

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Stand up for a democratic Europe now!
On 23 June the Britons are deciding on UK’s future in the EU. Though they have every right to vote, the referendum is yet another warning shot fired against European democracy.
We must urgently strengthen democracy in the EU and give citizens a voice at European level. We need a fundamental debate on Europe, a new constitution and a European referendum. Sign our petition!
Facts on Brexit
The popular vote in the UK on 23 June is the 45th EU-related referendum in Europe’s history since 1972, and the first one ever on exiting a Member State of the EU.
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Democracy International has analysed the UK referendum on EU membership from a democratic perspective and comes up with ten points of criticism in this background dossier
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Interview with Prisca Merz, a young German living in London. In contrast to citizens of the Republic of Ireland, Cyprus and Malta she is not entitled to vote in the EU referendum
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Interview with Matt Quvortrup, a professor of political science, on the campaign ahead of the referendum and the mistakes the British Prime Minister made when negotiating the deal
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