Have you already signed Democracy International's petition for a democratic relaunch of the European Union? Please follow our call. We have nine more days: On 16 September the EU Heads of State and Government will meet in Bratislava to discuss the future of the EU following the Brexit referendum. On this day we will send all signatures to the EU leaders. This will be a powerful reminder that the European Union must not continue with "business as usual". We need a democratic Europe now!   

My colleagues and myself cordially invite you to join us in Slovakia's capital. We will be there to inform about direct democracy and to debate more democratic avenues for the EU. You live closeby or fancy a trip to the city at the banks of the Danube? Please just reply to this e-mail to let us know. We will be happy to see you!

Best regards,
Cora Pfafferott 

P.S: We thank everybody who has already made a donation for our political action in Bratislava. Please click here to make stronger our campaign for a more democratic EU. Every five Euro help!

Stand up for democracy at EU summit in Bratislava
Join us in Slovakia's capital on 15/ 16 September when the EU leaders will meet to discuss the future of the EU following Brexit. During those two days we will debate what kind of European Union we, the citizens want. The Swiss expert for democracy, Andreas Gross, will give a presentation on Friday at 11.00 am. Our assembly will take place in a dome that we will build in Bratislava. Everybody is cordially invited!


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