On first March Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, presented five scenarios for how the EU could look like in 2025. They range from accelerating European integration for some countries to focussing on a Single Market only. They are to shape a new vision for the EU.
However, who will decide on these proposals? Juncker writes that citizens are to be heard through a series of debates across Europe’s cities and regions. This is not something anew. We the citizens have been listened to several times in various forms of consultations. But we never had a real say.
For a vision of a common Europe, a democratic and transparent European Convention is the means. In this assembly citizens from all across Europe will work out together their proposals for a new European Union. At the end of this process, all EU citizens will decide on a new EU Treaty in a European-wide referendum. '
Democracy International has been continuously advocating a new European Convention. Thousands of Europeans support this idea. Now it is time to make it real. Please sign our appeal.

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“The Government of Ecuador is quite anxious“
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