Yesterday evening a friend of mine called me. He does not work on politics, he is a German web designer. He asked me many probing questions on the US elections, Brexit, the state of the EU. He was stunned and said one sentence to be remarked: The world has lost its human plot, I want to understand!

I guess these days, we all want to understand better: What is currently happening in the world? Why is populism so attractive to many people? What is going wrong with our political systems? What are the solutions so that most people will be happy again with their lives?

And I believe, we must all understand EACH OTHER better. In this view, I look forward to joining the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy in San Sebastián, Spain, next week. Bringing together scholars, journalists, activists, election administrators and politicians from all parts of the world, it will provide a unique platform to explore these questions. Democracy International is one of the main organisers. I hope that we will find many answers to bring back home to initiate change and to bridge the gaps.

All the best,
Cora Pfafferott

Follow live: Global Forum in San Sebastián!
From 16 to 19 November 2016, 200 people from across the world will come together in Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain, to address the questions if direct democracy is in retreat or on the rise. The gathering forms the sixth Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy that aims at connecting local governments and social movements to people power around the world. Democracy International is one of the main organisers. The conference will be broadcasted via live streaming.
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