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We publish reports to monitor concrete referenda and we issue papers to present our position on actual (direct) democracy issues around the globe.

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Position Paper
ECI Support Centre. Improving the European Citizens Initiative

This paper published by the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) in September 2013 describes the current situation of the European Citizens Initiative (ECI), focusing on the main obstacles and issues that ECI organisers face before and during...

Position Paper
Tunisia’s New Constitution - An analysis of its legal design

On 26 January 2014, the Constitutional Assembly of Tunisia adopted a new Constitution in the heartland of the “Arab Spring”: An overwhelming majority of 200 votes backed the draft while only 12 votes rejected it. This vote in favour meant that a...

Annual Report
Democracy Actions 2013 (Annual Report)

This is Democracy International's second annual report since Democracy International was registered as an association in June 2011.

Position Paper
Better direct democracy in Bulgaria - Will politicians listen to citizens' demands?

After the resignation of the Bulgarian government in February 2013, people shared via social media and in public debates Icelanders’ and Swiss people’s achievements with regards to direct democracy and demanded to implement better forms of direct...

Position Paper
Mehr Demokratie in Europa durch einen europäischen Konvent

Democracy International, gemeinsam mit einem großen Bündnis von Partnerorganisationen, fordert in einer breit angelegten Kampagne einen europäischen Konvent ein. Die Initiative verlangt nicht nur, dass ein Konvent bei den nächsten substantiellen...

Direct democracy in EU countries at a glance

Germany is the only country in the European Union that does not have any instrument of direct democracy in place at national level, and its citizens have never had the possibility to vote on specific issues. Our findings derive from the Direct...

Position Paper
Direct Political Participation in the Republic of Ireland: Citizen-initiated referendums on the horizon?

During the past year, direct democracy has emerged in discussions on political and institutional reform in the Republic of Ireland. At present, referendums to amend the Irish constitution are obligatory but only at the initiative of the...

Non - Binding Plebiscite in Austria 2013

On 20 January, 2013 voters in Austria were asked whether compulsory military service should be maintained, or whether a professional army should be created. The initiators of the non-binding plebiscite were the two governing coalition partners -...

Non - Binding Plebiscite Vienna 2013

From 7 to 9 March 2013 a non-binding plebiscite was held in Vienna. Citizens were asked to vote on four issues: the management of parking spaces; a possible bid to host the 2028 Olympic Summer Games; preventing the privatisation of local...

Analysis: The Hungarian Democracy in Danger

The FIDESZ party won the elections in 2010 and got two thirds of the seats in the parliament, which allows them to modify the constitution and to make decisions requiring a 2/3 majority. The expectations were high, but the government seems to go...



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