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Throughout its years of existence Democracy International has developed a set of core competencies that it offers as services to individuals and organisations keen on strengthening citizens' participation and direct democracy.

Legal advice

Democracy International provides legal advice to democracy groups and individuals that want to launch citizens’ initiatives or to advance other forms of direct democracy in their region or country. Democracy International explains how to implement direct democracy and citizens' participation, what regulations need to be in place, and how to incorporate them in the constitutional process.

Support in organisational development

Democracy International consults democracy organisations and offers them support in

  • developing their organisations
  • campaigning and fundraising
  • website-management and customer relationship management
  • communications and media relations
  • event planning.

Every two years Democracy International invites organisations to a summer academy for intense trainings on organisational development.

Beata Novomeska of the Slovak Association for Direct Democracy

Sharing of expertise

Democracy International transfers knowledge on direct democracy by giving lectures and organising conferences. Democracy International's expertise emphasises on direct democracy and citizen participation at the local and national level and at transnational level, such as the EU or the UN.

State of affairs

Through the Direct Democracy Navigator, Democracy International informs about the state of direct democracy procedures and practices worldwide. The Navigator is a global online information and collaboration platform that allows users to easily navigate and compare the different instruments in place in different countries around the world.

Network support

Democracy International connects activists to exchange information and to build synergies. Democracy International's network expands across all continents and includes democracy experts, academics, politicians, organisations, groups and individual activists. Every two years Democracy International co-organises the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy to provide a space for exchange and collaboration for active citizenship and participatory democracy.


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