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Voting in European Parliamentary elections is your chance to have a say in the European Union's decision-making. When you vote, you're choosing who represents your interests in the EU.

eurVote eurFuture is a project aimed at encouraging and facilitating the active engagement of citizens in the upcoming European Parliamentary Elections, 6-9 June 2024. The project is centred around enabling citizens to understand and exercise their democratic rights and fostering a European identity. The primary focus is to raise awareness about the European Elections, the role of the European Parliament, the EU, and its democratic values.


With eurVote eurFuture, we are increasing the public attention on the upcoming European parliamentary elections.


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The 2019 European Parliament elections marked a pivotal moment with a historic voter turnout. Yet, the turnout wasn't uniform across all Member States, underscoring how political engagement hasn't fully woven into the social fabric across the EU.


Enter eurVote eurFuture, an ambitious initiative primed to elevate the 2024 European Parliament elections in ten Member States. This Get-Out-The-Vote project aims to counter historically low voter participation and escalating skepticism toward the EU by ramping up citizen engagement, particularly within demographics often underrepresented in electoral processes. Its strategy involves a blend of visible digital campaigns and on-the-ground efforts to reach the average citizen.

The digital realm serves as a critical battleground for eurVote eurFuture. Through compelling online campaigns, including the inventive #WhatEuropeDoesForMe challenge, citizens are encouraged to share personal stories that showcase the EU's positive influence. The goal is to forge a stronger connection between individuals and the broader European community. At the same time, the project tackles misinformation head-on by sharing 'myth busters' across social media platforms, empowering citizens to challenge false narratives about the European Elections.


But eurVote eurFuture doesn’t stop in the digital sphere. The project breathes life into physical spaces through a diverse array of offline activities designed to foster democratic dialogue and face-to-face exchange. These activities are strategically situated in bustling locations to ensure a wide spectrum of citizens can engage. Beyond engaging conversations, these activities serve as educational hubs, offering insights into voting procedures, candidate information, and discussions on the European Parliament's role in shaping everyday policies.


At the heart of eurVote eurFuture's offline engagement lies the helpdesk. These interactive stations at events serve as information hubs, providing citizens with tangible resources like sample ballot sheets, QR codes for informative platforms, and practical guidance on the voting process in the ten participating countries. The goal is to make the voting procedure easy and simple to understand, empowering citizens to vote - maybe for the first time - with confidence.


By blending the dynamism of online initiatives with the impact of offline engagement, eurVote eurFuture is steering toward a future where we can come together, chat about Europe, and get informed about our European voting rights. At its core, the project aims to enrich the European Parliamentary Elections by placing the citizen squarely at the center.

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