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Klaus Hofmann, Academic Adviser

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Dr. Klaus Hofmann

Klaus Hofmann, Academic Adviser


Dr. Klaus Hofmann studied Sociology at the University in Frankfurt/Main. In his studies he focused on sociology of law, social psychology and methodology. He wrote his PhD thesis about politicians' professional behaviour combined and the process of constitution-making.




- Developing theoretical and empirical grounds of direct democratic processes, for example by research and analysis of the worldwide existing legal bases for direct democratic-decision-making.
- Advising the association on scientific problems
- Coordinating relevant research projects.

Klaus Hofmann is the editor of the „Direct-Democracy-Navigator“, a joint research project hosted by the German University of Wuppertal and supported by Democracy International, IRI Europe and



Tel: +49 2203 59 28 67

Klaus Hofmann on democracy:

„The sovereign are the people. In most democracies we delegated our power to representatives. In general this system often works fine. But still we need to control those who decide for us. And: if we see a need we must have the possibility to take the decision back into our hands. “

„Rule of law (Human rights and rights of minorities), representative and direct democracy procedures are the keystones of modern democracies.“

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