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Andreas Müller, Managing Director

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Andreas Müller, Managing Director

Andreas Müller has studied Political and Social Sciences at the Universities in Würzburg and Marburg. In his studies he focused on democracy development and citizens participation. He is working for Democracy International since January 2014.


- Managing Director of Democracy International e.V.

- Project management

- Support service for members and organisations

- Coordination of staff issues (interns)

- Fundraising

- Managing CiviCRM, the customer relationship software for NGO´s




Tel: +49 221 669 665 34


Andreas on democracy:

“Let us speak about the how, not about whether or not.

In todays democracies, the sovereignty of the people is often limited by political and economic elites. The political decision-making process is mostly not transparent and not-bounded to the citizens. Direct democracy and citizen participation can therefore contribute to increase the legitimacy of decision making and of the democratic system.

The rise of direct democracy initiatives worldwide shows that citizens are interested and motivated to be part of the discussion and more important, in the decision-making process.”

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