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Christian Felber supports ECI app

Christian Felber

Christian Felber supports ECI app


Christian Felber is an Austrian freelance journalist, book author and international lecturer. Co-founder of Attac Austria, he initiated the projects “Democratic Bank” and “Economy for the Common Good”. Christian Felber, who lives in Vienna, Austria, thinks that direct democracy must be technically equipped in the digital age, and therefore supports our call for an ECI app to help boosting the number of ECI signatories.

"At a time when governments and parliaments are more and more frequently governing in ways with which the majority of the population disagrees, there is an urgent need to reinforce the right of the sovereign citizen to take the initiative. This right of self-representation must be enabled and managed through instruments of direct democracy. Such instruments must be provided with thresholds that are as low as possible so that democracy does not become the victim of technology.

When technology can send probes to the moon and achieve quantum acceleration, it would be a disgrace and an embarrassment if it could not also enable direct democracy."

Christian Felber


Christian Felber's Statement in German:

„In Zeiten, wo Regierungen und Parlamente immer öfter gegen den Mehrheitswillen der Bevölkerung regieren, ist die Selbstinitiative des Souveräns und die Kontrolle seiner Vertretung durch direktdemokratische Instrumente ein Gebot der Stunde.

Diese Instrumente sollten so niederschwellig wie möglich sein, damit die Demokratie nicht an der Technik scheitert. Marssonde und Quantenbeschleunigung sind technisch möglich, direkte Demokratie nicht - das wäre peinlich.“


Christian Felber's statement in Spanish:

"En tiempos en los que a menudo gobiernos y parlamentos gobiernan en contra de la voluntad de la mayoría de la población, es más urgente que nunca reforzar el derecho soberano a que los ciudadanos tomen la iniciativa. Este derecho de autorepresentación debe ser facilitado y gestionado a través de instrumentos de democracia directa. Estos instrumentos deben ser accesibles para que la democracia no se convierta en una víctima de la tecnología.

Si la tecnología nos ha permitido llegar hasta la luna o resolver los misterios de la aceleración cuántica, sería una pena y una vergüenza sino nos propusiesemos esas mismas metas con la democracia directa."

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