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Cyprus has ratified the EU constitution after its parliament approved it on June 30. Thirty deputies voted in favour of the treaty, 19 voted against and one abstained. Most of the no-votes came from the communist camp. Cyprus, which is one of the ten new EU members that joined the bloc on 1 May 2004, was the first country to ratify the document after EU leaders decided in June to put the ratification process on ice following the rejection of the document in both the French and Dutch referendums.

Czech Republic

The Czech parliament's lower house took a first, formal step toward calling a voter referendum on the European Union constitution on June 27. Deputies approved a measure allowing the president to order a general referendum on foreign matters if requested by about 40 per cent of parliament's members or a citizens' petition.

The measure now goes to the upper house, or Senate, which has drafted its own referendum bill and is dominated by anti-constitution members of the government opposition.

The Senate version of the measure would require support from a majority in parliament before the president could call a vote.

The opposition has announced to block the further progress of the motion. Nevertheless, the development indicates that Czech voters could decide about the EU constitution directly. The referendum could be hold as late as 2007.


The referendum in Luxemburg held on July 10, 1005 was the second in favour of the EU Constitution. 56.52 percent of the citizens voted in favour of the treaty, and 43.48 percent against.

The parliament has ratified the EU constitution two weeks ahead of the referendum.

All 55 MPs present voted in favour of the constitution on June 28, with five MPs from the populist ADR party not present for the vote. Polls are currently predicting a majority of 55% in favour of the constitution. The political elites have indicated to respect the outcome of the referendum.


On July 6, 2005 the Maltese parliament ratified the European Constitution. Thus the 12th EU country has endorsed the charter. It was the first time that a first national parliament passed the document unanimously.


The Dutch will not vote again on the European Union's constitution after rejecting it by a large majority earlier this month, a minister has said. Atzo Nicolai, Dutch European affairs minister, said a second referendum will not take place following the June 1 No vote.

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