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Democracy International at the Network Academy of Social Movements

Democracy International at the Network Academy of Social Movements


We will talk about direct democracy with people from all over Europe at an event organised by Attac. The event will take place from 9 to 14 August in Freiburg (South Germany).

More than 1.000 participants will join the academy which is an important opportunity for networking and exchange ideas. Four main issues will be tackled: finances, economy, ecology and – democracy. Erwin Leitner from Mehr Demokratie Austria has been involved in the preparation of the event. You have also the chance to join an event with Cristian Felber (author, Attac Austria); he will speak about direct democracy and participation.

Our workshops

Wednesday, 10 August

How to Prepare and Run a Campaign of a European Citicens' Initiative

Armin Steuernagel (Democracy International)

Thursday, 11 August

We Need to Have a Say on Politics – Direct Democracy

Michael Efler (Mehr Demokratie)

Thursday, 11 August

Direct Democracy in the Cities and Villages

Michael Efler (Mehr Demokratie)

Saturday, 13 August

Politics Without Politicians

Paul Nollen (E2D- Electronic Direct Democracy, Democratie nu Belgien)

More Infos about the workshops

European Citizens' Initiative

Wednesday 16:45-18:30, Room 1019

Beginning April 1, 2012 on EU citizens have the opportunity to raise their voice and start a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI). It is the first transnational instrument of participatory democracy in world history. What is the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI)? Who can launch an ECI? What topics are admissible? When is it successful? How to prepare and run a campaign? The workshops will answer all these questions and give an introduction to the possibilities and chances of an ECI.

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Direct Democracy - We need to have a say on politics!

Thursday 9:30-12:00, Room: 1108

In the EU and in most of our representative democracies the political role of the citizens is limited to vote every four or five years for candidates and parties. Political decisions are taken indirectly by politicians and governments. In addition on EU level many decisions are influenced by lobby groups and corporations. Ignoring demands of citizens and stagnation of reforms provokes a feeling that political decisions cannot be influenced by the citizens and moreover it leeds to deep disaffection with the parties and politicians. Contrary to this the concept of direct democracy allows the people to initiate a referendum and a process of political discourse whenever they feel to be not represented by their political representatives.We will discuss direct democracy as a complement to representative democracy and will further discuss proposals for direct democracy procedures on EU level.

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Direct Democracy - A concept for regaining politics by the people

Thursday 16:45-18:30, Room 1231

The national elections are said to express the people's will and to set the course for the following legislative period. But more and more citizens have an increased feeling that their vote has no influence on political decisions which are taken with little regard to the demands and needs of the citizens. Direct democracy demands that citizens can initiate a referendum on a political topic in case the citizens have the impression not to be represented adequately by their elected politicians. The workshop goes about how we as citizens can decide on laws and rules for a more just future and thus limit the influence of corporate rule. We will explain the concept of direct democracy and give concrete examples how citizens can decide on issues as e.g. privatization of public services, water, resources.

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Politics without Politicians

Saturday 16:45-18:30, Room 1234

1-Introduction: Everywhere in the world there is a call for “More Democracy”. This demand comes from a general disappointment with traditional politics: politicians are often seen as corrupted, incompetent and as disregarding the interest of the people who vote for them. But despite this global dissatisfaction, the political system is never really questioned by those in power. / 2- The work of Aki Orr: In his twenties Aki (b. 1931) was active in several political movements. In 1968 he joined the group “Solidarity”, a libertarian socialist organisation. Orr has argued that political corruption is an inherent feature of politics by representatives and of all elections and that only a system of “politics without politicians”, to be placed in the hands of every single citizen, can eliminate corruption: / 3- The Demoex initiative and experiences: In 2002 Demoex ( Sweden ) took part in the local elections with only one promise: Direct Democracy.

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