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EU Summit: Citizens demand a democratic EU – Now!

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March for a Democratic Europe Now in Bratislava at EU Summit

EU Summit: Citizens demand a democratic EU – Now!


58,923 citizens from right across the EU are calling upon the political leaders to make the European Union more democratic and transparent. As the 27 EU Heads of State or Government convene in Bratislava to discuss the future of the European Union following Brexit, Democracy International has sent the 27 leaders the petition "Stand up for a democratic Europe - Now!". The petition forms part of Democracy International’s campaign for a new EU Convention according to Article 48 of the Lisbon Treaty.










In parallel to the EU Summit in Bratislava on 16 September, Democracy International has built with European citizens a “Dome for Democracy”, in which citizens have over the past two days had inclusive, transparent discussions on the future of the EU . (At the end of this press release three photos are available for download). 

“Never has the crisis of the European Union been as big as today. Even the EU Commission President Juncker speaks about “an existential crisis of the Union” – an expression that has never been used in the past 70 years. However, the EU leaders are carefully avoiding any reference to “democracy”. Instead of undermining democracy the EU must become a new builder of democracy, the driving force of a transnational democracy that is capable to civilise the transnational market forces in the interest of the people and nature,” demanded Andreas Gross, a Swiss democracy expert who today presented in the Dome for Democracy ways how to make the EU more democratic.

Democracy International’s petition “Stand up for a democratic Europe – Now” calls for the initiation of a democratic Convention on the future of Europe. Article 48 of the Lisbon Treaty lays down the foundations for a constitutional assembly. It provides the opportunity for a forum in which politicians, citizens and civil society can jointly discuss the future of Europe in a substantial and inclusive manner.
Democracy International demands that all EU citizens should then vote on the results of the deliberations in a European referendum. Since 23 June 2016 - when the majority of British people voted to leave the Union –  58,923 Europeans have signed Democracy International’s petition demanding the initiation of an EU Convention. The international non-governmental organisation submitted all signatures together with an official letter to all 27 EU Heads of State or Government today.

“The European Union based on one treaty following another has lost its appeal and power. The Treaties now have to be replaced by a real European federalistic democratic constitution, by which the nationally weakened democracies are strengthened and the peoples of Europe get a voice to influence European policies and division of competences. A new constitution is the only way forward to transnationalise the EU, and it must be ratified by a double European referendum on the same weekend. It is the only way to provide European citizens with political, cultural and social rights, which the EU desperately needs in times of globalisation”, so Andreas Gross’ concluding remarks.


- Alternative EU family photo: Citzens demand a democratic Europe - Now! in the "Dome for Democracy", Bratislava Summit

- Citizens marching for a Democratic Europe - Now! in front of Bratislava Castle,

- Citizens delivering the signatures at the gate of Bratislava Castle, 

Please call Cora Pfafferott in case you need a photo in a bigger size +49 176 954 373 79 or e-mail to . Cora Pfafferott is in Bratislava on 16 September and present in the Incheba media centre of the Slovak Presidency as of 14.30 pm, available for interviews.

The official petition letter to the EU Heads of State and Government is available at

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