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Dr. Raban Daniel Fuhrmann, Director Academy for a Learning Democracy

Dr. Raban Daniel Fuhrmann, Director Academy for a Learning Democracy

Dr. Raban Daniel Fuhrmann is Director of the Academy for a Learning Democracy, which aims to empower democracy developers to enable our democracies to learn faster than problems arise.
Dr. Raban Daniel Fuhrmann (1964) has dedicated himself to political process research and process consulting since his doctorate (Dr. rer. pol.). He grew up in Latin America, is the owner of the ReformAgentur and coordinator of the R+D association Procedere. He lives with his family on Lake Constance. He has incorporated his wide-ranging, international and transdisciplinary expertise in accompanying reform processes in politics, business and civil society and his research and teaching at the Technical University of Berlin and the University of Tübingen, into establishing an Academy for a Learning Democracy.
Work areas:
- Establishment and management of the Academy for Learning Democracy in cooperation with, among others, the Procedere association

- Conception and supervision of democracy development laboratories, in cooperation with, among others, Pulse of Europe

- Development and coordination of a dual education program for democracy development in cooperation with the Weltethos-Institut/University of Tübingen

- Research and development to transform our democracies into sustainable, learning democracies

email: fuhrmann[at]
Tel.: +49 179 4688456
"Our democracies must learn to learn faster, this means that they need to constantly rethink and develop their ways of working and making decisions together (in the same way innovative companies learn), otherwise dissatisfaction will continue to grow and extremism and nationalism will continue to increase."


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