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A poster of the European Parliament's election campaign in 2014. Image by Eurpean Parliament
Eerlijke, democratische en authentiek Europese verkiezingen zijn in Democracy International's missie een speerpunt. Politieke partijen vervullen in een democratie een essentiële rol. Zij vertegenwoordigen de belangen van de kiezers, ontwikkelen politieke programma’s en drukken...
A poster of the European Parliament's election campaign in 2014. Image by Eurpean Parliament
Un voto justo, democrático y común en Europa es parte fundamental del ideario y misión de las actividades llevadas a cabo por Democracy International. Los partidos políticos desempeñan un papel esencial en un sistema democrático, dado que son ellos los que representan los...
A poster of the European Parliament's election campaign in 2014. Image by Eurpean Parliament
Fair, democratic and truly European elections are a core element of Democracy International's mission. Political parties perform an essential role in a democracy, representing voters’ interests, developing political programs, and expressing the will of the citizens in the...
2015 could bring new same-sex legislation, Photo by Quinn Dombrowski, Wikimedia Commons
Last year more people were able to participate in elections and referendums across the globe than ever before. But this year a series of popular votes will offer answers to key questions about the future of Europe and its severely challenged democracies. A preview.
Casting a ballot (Source: Wikipedia)
This week, the more than 400 million eligible citizens of the EU will elect the 751 Members of European Parliament for the next term. The Netherlands and the United Kingdom will start voting on Thursday, 22 May, Ireland and the Czech Republic will follow on Friday, and Latvia,...
Rockstar Bono of U2 at the Congress of Europe's Conservatives (Source: EPP, Flickr)
From 6 to 7th March 2014 the European People’s Party (EPP), the conservative party family of the EU, held a Congress in Dublin to discuss their European agenda and to elect the top candidate for the next European elections.

Armin Steuernagel, in charge of leading...
Sigmar Gabriel (Photo by, Flickr)
The Social Democratic party vote to back the grand coalition of Conservatives and Social Democrats in Germany was successful. 76 per cent of party members opted in favour of the coalition deal that their top party leaders had negotiated with the Conservative Party two weeks ago...
According to this morning’s judgment by Germany’s top constitutional lawyers, the German voting system infringes the German constitution (“Grundgesetz”). This verdict follows the constitutional complaint by our partner organization “Mehr Demokratie” and “” who had...



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