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Abstimmung21: Results of the of the first nation-wide vote in Germany
Abstimmung21, an initiative by Democracy International, Mehr Demokratie and Omnibus für Direkte Demokratie, organised a test vote in the run-up to the first-ever, self-organised referendum on the national level in Germany, asking citizens about their views on a number of issues...
The Direct Democracy Navigator turns ten!
The Direct Democracy Navigator, a unique platform gathering all direct democracy and citizen participation instruments around the globe, is turning ten today. Over the past decade, it has developed from a small crowd-...
Transnational instruments for transnational issues: The Fridays for Future ECI
While timely and necessary, the measures to halt the spread of COVID-19 have had an enormous impact not only on our daily lives, but also on our democracies. In this series, we try to asses how democratic practice has been affected and how we can make our future democracies more...
German Direct Democracy in Action
Abstimmung21 intends to organise the first nationwide vote on socio-political issues in the history of Germany. The idea is to send a voting booklet along with other documents during the 2021 German federal election so that citizens are able to directly make their voices heard...
Seven lessons from the Corona-crisis: Interview with Tamara Ehs
Krisendemokratie is a book written by Tamara Ehs, which focuses on the Austrian democracy during the Covid-19 crisis. After an in-depth analysis of the decision making process of the Austrian...
Democracy in Crisis Online Discussions: Challenges and Recommendations
Over the last couple of months, we organised several interactive online discussions on pertinent issues related to democracy during the current Covid-19 pandemic. The goal of these discussions was to share ideas between experts and participants from across the world in order to...
The Global forum on modern direct democracy goes online in 2020
This year the Forum will take place online, registrations are open on: The Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy is the largest gathering devoted to direct democracy worldwide. It...
French Citizens want a referendum on climate measures
A survey shows that 81% of French adults are in favor of submitting the most important proposals made by the recent Citizens’ Convention on Climate in France to a Referendum. The measures drafted by 150 randomly-selected citizens also find significant approval in French society...
Democracy in times of Corona- Online Discussions
It is our mission as Democracy International to promote and uphold the value of democracy, especially during the current global pandemic. Whereas, some countries have showed themselves to be resolute in upholding democratic standards, others have witnessed varying degrees of...
Final propositions of the French Citizens' Convention on Climate
The Citizens’ Convention on Climate wound to a close this Sunday in Paris, after nine months of deliberation, with a strong call for a shift towards a low-carbon economy, with extensive changes in the...


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