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Upgrading citizens participation must be at the centre of State of the Union
On 9 May 2022, the year-long Conference on the Future of Europe concluded and published its work. While the final report of the Conference provides an ambitious programme for Europe, the follow-up remains to be seen and implemented.   
Tunisia: A U-turn from democracy
Once regarded as the sole democracy that has emerged from the mass protests of the Arab Spring in 2011, Tunisia is now experiencing extensive setbacks in its path to democracy. In a referendum on August 16th Tunisia adopted a new constitution implementing a presidential system...
Direct democracy is back in the 21st century
The book entitled Direct democracies has just been published in French following several others is situated in the context of a broad demand for direct democracy in France since...
Chile’s new constitution: An unstable path to the countries future
When in 2019, protests following proposed rises in subway fairs escalated into a broader movement about the country’s constitution, Chile began its long and complicated path towards changing its political system. In 2020, with a voter turnout of almost 50%, Chileans voted...
The Michigan Freedom for Reproductive Rights Campaign and the power of the Citizens Initiative
Politics encompassing a moral dimension often garner considerably more controversy being, as Christopher Mooney puts it, “the validation of a particular set of fundamental values” rather than being viewed and assessed in purely practical terms. The potential for conflict...
Banner Democracy Camp 2023
Democracy Camp
In a nutshell The Democracy Camp was your five-day-intercultural exchange on democracy, sustainability, and intersectionality - and the interconnections between them. Our community of 60 young people up to the age of 25 from Germany, Switzerland, Czechia, Poland, France and...
ECI Day 2022
European Citizens’ Initiative: 10-year anniversary!
The European Union, since its inception in the 1990s, has attempted to build its political foundations on the power of collective action and unity. The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) was first proposed with the intent of giving more power to the people.
Ukrainian Vibes - European Public Sphere in Cologne, Germany
Ukrainian Vibes on Tour
Three months of intensive planning, networking and promoting have already passed since Ukrainian Vibes 2022  - European Public Sphere project began in April. Last Saturday, our four Ukrainian and German team members finally kicked off the tour in Cologne!  Right at the heart of...
European Convention: What does it mean?
On the 24th of February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, there was a need for strong leadership and a unified response to counter Russia’s aggression. The EU, together with its allies from all around the world, was able to rise up and meet this demand. Since then, a newfound...
Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy 2022
Home stretch: less than 100 days to the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy
Finally! After two years of pandemic-related uncertainty and a first-ever online edition, our much-anticipated Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy is taking place in person again. Over 300 direct democracy supporters from academia, administrations and civil society will meet...


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