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Join us in Bratislava during EU Summit

Flags of Slovakia and the EU in Bratislava

Join us in Bratislava during EU Summit


On 15 September 2016, one day ahead of the EU summit, Democracy International and democracy activists from right across the EU will build a "Dome for Democracy" in Bratislava. Facbricated in a wooden, transparent structure, the dome is to symbolise tha the people want to create a European Union that is democratic and transparent. Democracy International cordially invites everybody to come along!

Please find the programme here or below.






By 15 September 2016, almost 60.000 people from all across Europe have signed Democracy International’s petition for an EU relaunch. We cordially thank everybody who demands a more democratic and transparent Europe and ask to support our political action to deliver the signatures in Bratislava on 15/ 16 September 2016 (see petition here), when building a wooden dome and to commonly discuss the future of Europe.

On 15 September, one day ahead of the summit, we will build in Bratislava a house to symbolise that we the people want to create a European Union that is democratic and transparent.


In this house - modelled as a dome and fully consisting of wood - we we will discuss on 15 and 16 September how to commonly make the EU more democratic. The Swiss expert for democracy, Andreas Gross, will give a presentation on the morning of 16 September.

Everybody is cordially invited to join us in Bratislava. We need many diligent hands to help us organise the action. Get involved in the preparations via our facebook and twitter channel or e-mail to contact [at]democracy-international.org. Travel to Bratislava to be there with us!

Venue: Galerie Statua, Zámocká 47, 811 01 Bratislava, see Google Maps here

Please find the draft programme here or below.



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