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Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy in Tunis

Daniel Schily and Bruno Kaufmann in Tunis in August 2014

Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy in Tunis

The next Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy is to take place in the capital of Tunisia, Tunis, from 14 to 17 May 2015. The event will be the 5th World Conference on Active Citizenship and Participative Democracy, following the previous Global Forum held in Uruguay in 2012. Our board members Joe Mathews and Bruno Kaufmann cordially invite everybody to attend this special event.

Dear friend of the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy,

This a very special year for people's democratic empowerment. Never before have so many citizens (more than half of all adults on earth) in so many countries (more than a third of all nations) had the opportunity to vote as in 2014. From the European Union to the United States, from Brazil to Indonesia, and from South Africa to India, all the major democratic societies have held elections this year. But in this one special year, one country stood out -- Tunisia.

There, where the so-called Arab Spring was born four years ago, people struggled and succeeded in making perhaps the most democratic progress in the world. Tunisians agreed on a new, modern national constitution. They elected a new parliament. They saw the peaceful transition of power. And they decided on a new president. Overcoming bad odds and a harsh environment, citizens and civil society organizations including universities and trade unions did the hard work of bringing Northern Africa’s most promising democracy several big steps forward. And the work is just beginning.

After last weekend’s first round of the presidential elections, there will be another round at the end of the year. And then the work of governance, of improving the economy, and of further democratic development must continue.

In this fascinating place, the courageous people of Tunisia will host next year’s Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy. This 5th World Conference on Active Citizenship and Participative Democracy will take place in Tunis on May 14-17 2015.

Early-bird-reservation: accommodation

Now is the time to make your travel arrangements and to book your room in the main Forum hotel, the Majestic in central Tunis. As a member of the Global Forum, you have now the opportunity to reserve your accommodation at preferential rates in this wonderful, affordable art-deco hotel. Double rooms start at EUR70/US$80. All you have to do is act NOW by sending an e-mail to the Forum Travel Agent, Mr. Touhami in Tunis, Email: visittn[at]gnet.tn

There is not a lot of time for these advance rates – you must act no later than mid January. And if you plan to arrive early and stay later (the Forum starts on May 14 at noon and ends on May 17 at noon), Mr Touhami will be able to assist you with all kind of other arrangements.

We are also busy organizing the 2015 forum and setting up various features and events for those who make the trip to Tunisia. We plan to go online with the 2015globalforum.com website before the end of the year; that site will feature all kind of information and interaction leading up to next year’s most important conference on modern people power.

Looking forward to seeing you in Tunis next May!

Bruno Kaufmann and Joe Mathews
Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy

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