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Grégory von Boetticher

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Grégory von Boetticher


During his internship at Democracy International, Grégory was on his gap-year ahead of studying at the Leiden University College in the Hague. There he will be studying in the Global Challenges curriculum, likely majoring in World Politics or Governance, Economics and Development.


I did a two-month internship at Democracy International from May until the end of June. Though it was initially planned for me to be in the office more often, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and logistical issues regarding the commute from Frankfurt to Cologne I ended up working from home for the vast majority of my internship. Nevertheless, the few times I visited and worked in the Democracy International offices, I had a great team-experience highlighting the collaborative and interactive work I had enjoyed also while working remotely.
As I had read up on the various ongoing and upcoming projects of Democracy International, before I applied for the internship, I indicated where my interests lied and consequently was also allowed to work on those projects. Yet, I was not anticipating the great trust and responsibility I was entrusted with. The daily conference calls made me feel involved despite working remotely and able to seek help when I needed it, easing me into my responsibilities as I got started with the internship. As such, I got the sense that I was not "just" an intern but rather a full member of the team. Especially with the research into the democratic deficits caused by COVID-19 related restrictions in various countries, management of social media and promotion-campaigns, as well as translating and editing the European Public Sphere Catalogue of Ideas. All of these work engagements allowed me to explore my interest in international relations, politics in general and specifically the role of an NGO such as Democracy International in the political landscape.
The experience of working at Democracy International was truly valuable, as I gained a plethora of knowledge about the EU's capabilities, the democratic short-comings that exist within Western Democracies, as well as the logistical side of the workings of an NGO (particularly amidst a global crisis such as a pandemic). More so, my experience was elevated by the welcoming, inclusive, and trusting work environment.



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