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Taiwan Democracy Train
Taiwan Democracy Train - Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy pre-tour
Ahead of the 2019 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy, which will take place from 2 - 5 October in Taichung, Taiwan we are organising an optional pre-forum briefing tour for interested participants of the Global Forum. Participation in the pre-tour is free.   When?  30...
Toolshop + Markplatz der Positionen: 70 Jahre Grundgesetz
Toolshop + Markplatz der Positionen: 70 Jahre Grundgesetz
Am 23.5.2019 feiern wir nicht nur 70 Jahre Grundgesetz, sondern nutzen diese lehrreiche Entwicklung, um weitere Lehren darüber zu ziehen, wo und wie sich unsere Demokratie und damit auch unser GG weiterentwickeln sollte. Die Veranstaltung besteht aus zwei Blöcken: Im ...
European Public Sphere - Opening Event of the BeNeLux Tour
With April and its infamous weather approaching, we are preparing for the first indoor event of the European Public Sphere: three Dome Talks in the shopping centre Médiacité in Liège. Here, citizens and representatives of the public sphere and politics discuss from 10:00h about...
European Public Sphere - Dome Talks ahead of ECI Day
On the 1st of April, the Europe Dome will come to Brussels, just before a very special day for democracy. It is the day of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), whose implementation and revision work Democracy International was deeply involved in. This instrument gives...
European Public Sphere - Dome Talks in Antwerp
Of course, the metropole Antwerp cannot be lacking at our BeNeLux Tour. Therefore, we build our Europe Dome at the Groenplaats. Just next to the big statue of Rubens and with a beautiful view on the Cathedral of Our Lady, we expect to find more interesting ideas and visions of...
European Public Sphere - Our last stop in Belgium: Ghent
At the Woodrow Wilsonplein in Gent we have our last stop in Belgium on the 4th of April. This time we will stand in front of, instead of inside a shopping centre and we expect again interesting discussions. Also here, we will be talking about Europe – open and respectful,...
European Public Sphere - Premier évènement de la tournée du Benelux
Avec Avril et son temps fameux (mouillé) en approche, nous nous preparons pour les premiers évènements à l'intérieur du projet European Public Sphere: on va mener trois débats sous la coupole dans le centre commercial Médiacité à Liège. Ensemble avec les citoyens et citoyennes,...
European Public Sphere - Off to Maastricht of the 1300s!
Place of inspiration, reflection and diverse cultural experiences: that is the bookshop Dominikanen in Maastricht. In the 700 years old Dominikaner church, we collect new experiences. At the foot of the former altar, we will try out the for us new technique of ‘positive talks’...
European Public Sphere - The Dome at Democracy Alive Festival
On the beautiful island of Texel, the European Public Sphere will be part of the democracy festival “DEMOCRACY ALIVE” for one day. Together with citizens from all over Europe and a multitude of other organisations, politicians, companies, influencers, artists and trade unions we...
European Public Sphere - Dome Talks and Food for Thought
In Amsterdam, we will serve a very special course: our Dome Talks will take place in the passage way of De Hallen. This hip place hasn't been so hip long. For several decades the city of Amsterdam tried to find a solution for the huge, unused area in the heart of Amsterdam West...



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