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EU Parliament preparing for ECI Revision

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The panel of the first ECI hearing on "Right2Water"

EU Parliament preparing for ECI Revision


In view of the upcoming review of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) the European Parliament - the only instrument giving citizens direct means to set the EU’s political agenda - is inviting experts and practitioners to a public hearing on the implementation of the ECI. The hearing will take place in Brussels on 26 February 2015, and hopes to gather insights and expertise for the EU Parliament’s report on how to improve the ECI regulation. Democracy International has prepared recommendations on how to improve the ECI's accessibility and efficiency.

At the ECI Support Centre we have been building expertise regarding the implementation of the ECI regulation and have carefully analysed the experiences of ECI campaigns. Democracy International has developed recommendations for the most pertinent reforms that should be undertaken in the foreseen review. Through concerted lobby efforts with parliamentarians, commissioners and representatives of the member states, we hope to bring the following proposals onto the reform agenda:

Improve accessibility

  • Provide proactive legal and technical support services by ECI officers installed in every member state
  • Facilitate registration of ECIs at the Commission by providing rejected ECIs with advice for redrafting and resubmitting proposals up to three times
  • Ensure access to sign for all citizens from age 16, regardless of residence

Increase efficiency

  • Provide a user-friendly Online Collection System, enabling optional data protection for signatories
  • Harmonise date requirements through an optional EU registry
  • Permit a free selection for the launch of the ECI signature collection, within two months of acceptance by the Commission

Ensure impact

  • Provide reimbursement for all members of the citizens’ committee to attend the final hearing
  • Ensure stronger follow-up by the Commission by guaranteeing a publication of each successful ECI and its dissemination in Europe Direct infopoints
  • Oblige Parliament to vote on each successful ECI

Here you find the draft agenda of the public hearing, also providing details about the venue.

Here the European Parliament informs about the public hearing.


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