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Democratie.nu becomes Meer Democratie

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Meer Democratie Belgie

Democratie.nu becomes Meer Democratie


Our Belgian partner organisation Democratie.nu (Democracy.now) has rebranded itself as Meer Democratie (More Democracy). In the run-up to the Belgian municipal elections, they are now launching their first campaign: a major consultation of candidates under the title "Is your candidate a democrat?"

Let's introduce ourselves

Our movement Meer Democratie wants to give all citizens a bigger say in politics and society. We want a flourishing democracy in Flanders, Belgium and Europe: government of the people, by the people and for the people. Because real democracy is more productive, fairer and simply more fun!

Our goals

We want more opportunities for binding citizens' initiative referendums, directly elected leaders, a fairer electoral system, a ban on obligatiry voting along part lines, and an end the career carousel in public administration. Instead we want more opportunities for petitions and citizens' initiatives, the right to speak in parliament, more room for experimentation, e-democracy, more right to information for citizens and a fundamental reform of the EU. We are reducing the stranglehold of participation. Read more about the 10 most important goals of More Democracy.

What we do

We are taking action to bring about real change. We are also taking our role as a driving force for democratic renewal very seriously. We publish and organise events. And as a service to the active citizen, we run Petitie.be, our website, on which everyone can launch a professional petition free of charge and with the necessary support.

Which election candidates are true democrats?

The local election in Belgium will take place on Sunday 14 October: the 'feast' of democracy. Fur us the million-dollar-question is: how do the incoming municipal councillors want to boost democracy at the local level?

Our consultation of candidates maps this out. We ask all candidates - if elected - to commit themselves to the realisation of 3 concrete proposals for more citizen participation. They can also formulate their own initiative. We publish the results via press releases, social media, mailings to our 50,000 subscribers and of course on www.meerdemocratie.be.

The current state

Here you can see which candidates have already participated. You can also check the state in your own municipality.

Encourage the candidates!

Citizens play a crucial role. Call on the candidates in your municipality to participate with the click of a button. This way citizens send the clear message: More democracy!

Are you a candidate?

Are you running in the elections on 14 October? Participate and show where you and your party stand. This way the voters know who the are electing en the elections become more transparent.

Participate? Email us on info@meerdemocratie.be and we will send you the link to the survey. In case of questions you can contact David Joëts on 0486 79 89 58.

And now?

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