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2018 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy
Klimawandel, Ungleichheit, Konflikte - unsere heutigen Herausforderungen sind so groß, dass wir nicht so tun können, als könnten wir sie allein, innerhalb unserer eigenen Grenzen, lösen. Unsere Herausforderungen erfordern globales Handeln, aber als Bürger gestalten wir unser...
2018 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy
Changements climatiques, inégalités, conflits - nos défis aujourd'hui sont si grands que nous ne pouvons prétendre être capables de les résoudre seuls, à l'intérieur de nos propres frontières. Nos défis exigent une action mondiale, mais en tant que citoyens, nous construisons...
2018 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy
Climate change, inequality, conflict - our challenges today are so great that we cannot pretend to be able solve them on our own, from within our own borders. Our challenges require global action, but as citizens, we build our lives locally, in our own neighbourhoods and...
2018 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy
To anyone on earth who is interested in democracy: It’s not every day that you get an invitation to Rome to discuss the democratic future of the world. But today is not every day. So we have the great privilege to invite you to join us in Rome, September 26-29  for the 2018...
2018 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy
Since today’s biggest challenges – from climate to inequality to democratic governance – require actions on a global scale, human beings are often instructed on the need to be global citizens. But very few of us spend our days traveling across the globe or even around our own...

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