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"More democracy is possible"
Over the past months, our partner organisation Mehr Demokratie has organised citizens' councils on the topic of democracy all over Germany. On 15 November 2019, the Day for Democracy, they will present the results of this nation-wide...
Participants at the 2019 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy in Taiwan
Celebrating modern direct democracy with a Taiwanese character
A special democracy train, signature gatherers in Buddhist temples, nationwide marches for better legislation: a look back at the participatory celebration by one of the organisers of the 2019 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy. By Bruno Kaufmann This article originally...
Unsere European Public Sphere beim Campfire Festival
Campfire and hot debates
Friday the 30th of August was the day. With the Europe Dome in our luggage, we made our way to the Campfire Festival in Düsseldorf; a festival for a better society; a festival to think, talk and discuss about life and the future in an...
Summer Academy: Professionalising democracy developement
The first Summer Academy for Democracy Development took place from 23 to 25 August 2019. It was organized by the Academy for a Learning Democracy (a project of Democracy International), the Global Ethic Institute of the University...
Gerhard Schuster von der IG Eurovision
Democracy - a shining star!
Austria has just weathered a government crisis and will hold new elections on 29 September. Two of our member organisations, More Democracy! Austria and the IG-EuroVision, launched an initiative ahead of the election in order to stimulate the discussion about the future of...
Our last General Assembly in Rome
Democracy International 2019 General Assembly
We hereby invite all Democracy International Members to Democracy International’s next General Assembly to take place in Taichung, Taiwan, on 2 October 2019.
Waking up to a new European Union
The morning of Thursday 23 May felt like the start of a European Union Christmas. For weeks the city was decorated with festive EU symbols: EU flags waving proudly, posters of smiling candidate faces, and party banners promising the gift of a better EU hanging at every major...
The Zocaló Public Square in Mexico City
A spirit will go through Mexico
There is great momentum for direct democracy in Mexico at the moment. Carlos González Martínez of the Mexican Institute for Democracy of Proximity explains why now is the time to push for substantial direct democracy reform.
Our Dome in Antwerp
A Benelux road trip
Our BeNeLux tour was the most extensive tour of the European Public Sphere project to date. Within the space of two weeks, between 30 March and 14 April, we visited nine cities in Belgium and the Netherlands to discuss the future of Europe with locals along the way. On 18 and 19...
Sign the petition - Now the Citizens
#NowTheCitizens are demanding a democratic reform of the EU
In times of declining confidence and criticism of the functioning of the European Union, the upcoming European elections are one of the most critical elections in our common European history. The current institutional framework and the top-down hierarchy of European agenda-...


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